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Maggie Ball

Kaleidoscope Puzzle Quilts Supplies

Maggie Ball  www.dragonflyquilts.com


This is a template-free method, (without triangular rulers), to construct 8” Kaleidoscope blocks. Learn this technique beginning with 16 blocks, or 25 blocks, made from 10” start squares. For the simplest version, you will need four fabrics and will cut four 10” squares of each. For 25 blocks, choose a minimum of six fabrics.

Basic sewing supplies (including thread, pins, scissors and seam ripper)
Sewing machine in good working order, extension cord
Iron and small ironing board (unless provided by workshop host)
Cutting mat and rotary cutter, rotating 12" cutting mat (if you have one)
Rulers - 6” x 24” and a 12½” or 15” square (Omnigrid recommended)
Masking tape and Sharpie pen
Colored pencils/crayons
Batting or flannel backed vinyl table cloth for work-wall (minimum size 42” x 42”)
Digital camera if you have one (to assist with recording the layout options)

Fabric – ⅓ yards or larger, of four (minimum) to ten fabrics
A total of sixteen 10” squares are needed, or 25 for a 25 block quilt.
One full width (selvage to selvage) strip 10” wide will yield four 10” squares.
Alternatively, you may use pre-cut Layer Cake 10” squares  
Bring a wide range of values and print scale.
If you are having trouble selecting fabrics, try picking at least one multicolored print and then choose monochromatic fabrics in the same colors in a variety of values and print size.
If in doubt, bring a wide choice and help will be provided during class to make selections.
Additional fabric required for borders (not needed during class).

Any questions?  You may e-mail Maggie at: maggie.quilter@gmail.com or call (206) 780-1437.


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