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During my recent teaching trip to Clark County Quilters in Vancouver, WA, I was fortunate to stay in the home of Sandi Miller. Sandi is a prolific quilter who teaches and enjoys trying a wide range of techniques. She has a beautiful home, made me very welcome and gave me a quilt show of her gorgeous work. Here’s Sandi in her studio. I loved all the cubbies for storing her fabrics and the little shelf along the bottom which is the perfect size for spools of thread. 20150109_194226

Sandi had an ingenious way of storing and displaying her wall hangings with several rods bearing quilts supported by the quarter-wheel bracket. Here’s the bedroom in which I slept with a lovely Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt on the bed and a matching applique floral wall hanging.

20150109_193258 20150108_230557

This Flying Geese quilt with curved lines of geese and the black background caught my attention in Sandi’s stack. Sandi’s stunning floral quilt was begun in a Melinda Bula class. Thank you Sandi, for giving me permission to share.

20150109_190859 20150109_190046

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