AQS QuiltWeek, Des Moines Quilt Show (2)

The judged AQS show at Des Moines had almost 200 contestants. Here is the quilt that won Best Hand Workmanship. My Sweet House with Kirara, 68″ x 76″, was made by Ayako Kawakami from Chiba, Japan.

p1230363 p1230370

From a distance this quilt looks complicated, but not particularly striking because of the low contrast in the values of the fabrics. However, the closer you get, the better it gets, and up close it is amazing. The details in the hand embroidery on the delicately pieced blocks, quilting, pictorial applique and embroidery embellishments are beautiful. This is an exquisitely made quilt which must have hundreds of hours of work invested in it. Here are some detailed shots.

p1230372 p1230364

p1230373 p1230368

p1230367 p1230370

5 thoughts on “AQS QuiltWeek, Des Moines Quilt Show (2)

    • One of a kind quilts like these with so many hours of hand stitching in them are not usually for sale. You would have to contact the maker.

  1. This is an award winning quilt and the pictures show detail of it. You would have to contact the individual who made it, but I think that it’s unlikely to be for sale.

  2. The photos are all of the one quilt. You would have to contact the maker, but I think it is unlikely to be for sale.

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