DFQ102 - Mongolian Ölzii 61" x 61"

DFQ102 - Mongolian Ölzii

Nine Block Ölzii Quilt
Ölzii Block in Four Sizes – 4”, 8½”, 12" and 15".  

This pattern features the traditional Mongolian Ölzii motif with decorative border often painted on the doors of gers (Mongolian yurts). It is thought to bring long life and prosperity, and to drive away wild beasts and evil spirits. In Tibetan Buddhism, which is practiced in Mongolia, this never-ending knot symbolizes the universe and the unending cycles of life and death.

20% of net proceeds from pattern sales donated to the Mongolian Quilting Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Printed copy: $10 + shipping
Downloadable PDF: $7.50