Baby Quilts for Newborns in Mongolia

In August, Elaine Percival, Barbara Peterson and I will be traveling with Selenge Tserendash in rural Mongolia after assisting at the Third International Mongolian Quilt Show celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Mongolian Quilting Center in Ulaanbaatar. We plan to visit rural hospitals and take baby quilts to the maternity wards to give as gifts to mothers for their new babies.

Would you like to make a baby quilt to send to Mongolia? We are hoping to make 50-60 quilts, so would love your help. The quilts should be completed by the end of May and will be sent to Mongolia in a container in early June, taking about a month to get there. Any late arrivals will be carried in our suitcases, with the final deadline of 10th July.

The recommended size is in the range: 32-38” x 36-48”, square or rectangular. The Mongolians love brightly colored prints, which of course are unobtainable in Mongolia. Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this project. If you live locally, (near Bainbridge Island, WA), and need help getting started, you may visit my studio and I’d be happy to supply the fabric and a simple pattern.

Update, 18th April, 2019

The response to this project has been amazing! Thank you to all of you who have contributed baby quilts. Our goal of 50-60 has already been exceeded! The container for Mongolia is actually leaving in early May, and not June as stated above. The completed quilts will receive a special blessing on 28th April before being packed in boxes to go into the container. They should reach Mongolia by mid-July. They will be displayed in the quilt show before we distribute them to the babies. Any baby quilts that I receive after 1st May will travel in our suitcases. Thanks again for your support.

13 thoughts on “Baby Quilts for Newborns in Mongolia

  1. Hello Maggie,
    I just saw the quilts for Mongolian children project. I would love to add to the collection. If you’d like to send a pattern I will be happy to get the fabric. Are you looking for cotton or flannel and with or without batting? I can reach out to some other folks as well and will be passing this information along.
    Thank you for being a wonderful partner for Selenge!

    • Thank you Rex. The pattern may be very simple. We have made several from 6″ 4-patches alternated with 6″ squares (strips for 4-patches cut 3-1/2″, squares cut 6-1/2″), and some from 5″ cut squares (7 x 6). Then 2-1/2″ border strips may be added to these. Rail Fence is another easy pattern using 2-1/2″ cut strips. Cotton or flannel is fine, with batting.

  2. Hi Maggie
    I am still quilting, and would love to make a baby quilt for your trip to Mongolia. What wadding is best – I do have 80/20 but will get cotton if you think that is better?
    We are just trying to get away from winter here, but having had some beautiful weather, are back to cold, with rain and hail. We are promised better weather towards the w/e. My daughter is also a very prolific quilter. She did finish the quilt started with you, and just last year got it quilted (by herself) on a Sweet Sixteen . She is very proud of it. Are you likely to be over here again? We would love to see you again.
    Very Best Wishes,
    Jane and Brian Soffe ( Near Oxford, England)

    • Hello Jane,
      It’s nice to hear from you. Thank you for offering to make a quilt. Whatever batting you have will be fine and there is no need to go out and buy more. We’ve had a wonderful response to this project and will be exceeding our original goal of 50-60 quilts. There are plenty of babies in Mongolia and we will find homes for all of the quilts. As well as rural hospitals, we can visit hospitals in Ulaanbaatar. Yes, I’ll be in UK this summer in late August and early Sept for my niece’s wedding. Not sure on all the details yet. All the best, Maggie

  3. Maggie, I’ve been interested in your Mongolian projects for years. So am glad for the opportunity to help with the Baby Quilt project. I will also ask a group if friends if they will help.. furthermore I will also pray but each of your quilts well go to exactly the Family and Child that the Lord wants to bless. Blessings to you, Ruth Townsend

    • Thank you Ruth. We’ve had a wonderful response to this project and will be exceeding our goal of 50-60 quilts. We can visit hospitals in Ulaanbaatar as well as the rural hospitals to find homes for these lovely quilts and there will be no shortage of demand. We’ve also had cash donations to help defray the costs of batting and shipping to Mongolia. People are really embracing this outreach and it is heartwarming.

  4. Hi Maggie,
    Thanks for the reply, let me know exact dates , please as it would be great to catch up. We have a regular meeting at the hall where you gave us a wonderful w/s, on 2nd and 4th Tuesday in the month. If you have time, Emma would love to show you her quilt. Perhaps we could organise a talk / w/s at least to ‘spread the word’ ?
    I am not very mobile these days, but will happily use some of my stash to add to your baby wrap pile! Look forward to your reply. x

  5. Thanks Maggie! Have one finished and another under way. Only question- how to get them to you? Ship to your address or are you planning a collection point?
    Also working with Viking and Quality shops to get the word out through my network.

  6. My husband and I will be arriving in Ulan Bataar June 27 and leaving July 14. I would like to bring a few quilts for the babies from Canada, and could deliver them to the store. When is the quilt show? I would love to see it. Is there anything that they need? (ie) Rotary blades, pins, thread, etc. I am limited to one suitcase.

    • Thank you. I know they will really appreciate the baby quilts. The quilt show is 1st, 2nd, 3rd August at the State Department Store in Ulaanbaatar. It’s too bad that you will miss it. They always need rotary cutters and blades, rulers and mats. 2nd hand cutting mats are gratefully received. You can cut large mats into four 17″ x 11″ mats which is still a decent size and will fit in your suitcase. I hope you have a great trip.

  7. Hi Maggie,
    I am busy sorting fabrics and have 2 other ladies also making one. We look forward to (hopefully seeing you when you are in England, but realise that you may be very involved with family. Where would you like me to send the quilts?
    Very Best Wishes,

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