Colorful Inspiration for Quilts

All kinds of observations inspire me in my quilting, and I suspect this is a subject I’ll write about fairly frequently. I was in the Capital Hill area of Seattle and saw this mural and the colorful recycling bins. I love the bright graphics of these colors against the grey background and the variety of spots, checks, concentric and wavy lines.


At the Seattle Art Museum I saw this wonderful large oil on canvas with giant convolutions. This painting, titled Distraction (1999), is by a Canadian artist, Karin Davie. The colors in this piece are vibrant and there is such motion.

20130326_124035These images made me think of some of the awesome fabrics I have in my stash. It’s good to be reminded of what is there. I suspect that many quilters tend to forget what they have available for immediate use. I like to review my stash every couple of months, and when I do this, I become excited about the possibilities for my fabrics.


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