AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah III – Feathered Star Quilts

I have a soft spot for Feathered Star quilts, so am sharing some beauties with you that were in the quilt show. The first is Nostalgia, 73″ x 73″, by Gina Perkes of Payson, AZ. This quilt was a major prize winner taking the AQS Best Longarm Machine Worksmanship award and yes, the workmanship is fantastic. This project served as therapy for Gina as her life changed from stressful to peaceful and represents growth and positive change.

Paducah AQS show 035 Paducah AQS show 036

Fall Feathers, 81″ x 83″, by Sandi McMillan of Albion, NE is a beautiful soothing bed quilt with perfect borders to complement the star blocks. Sandi is a quilt teacher and was inspired by her five partially sewn step-by-step demo blocks.

Paducah AQS show 050 Paducah AQS show 051

The third quilt is a group endeavor by the Riverwalk Quilters Guild of Naperville, IL. Stars in My Garden, 88″ x 88″, was made for the Guild’s next fundraiser. The pattern is emphasized by the brightness in color, both in the intricate piecing and in the hand applique. The design source was The Pepper Quilt by Susan Bradley published in the American Quilt Magazine and the quilting is by Monique Peeters.

Paducah AQS show 074 Paducah AQS show 073

Roxanne Mierow of Cornelius, NC made Sisters Challenge, 70″ x 70″. The sisters challenged each other to make Feathered Star blocks and Roxanne made five. Now she is challenging her sister to finish. I like the octagon and partial octagons created by the triangles in the setting to display the stars. The design source was Kay’s Star Quilt, a pattern from Marsha McCloskey’s book, Feathered Star Quilt Blocks 1. The quilting is by Pat Barry.

Paducah AQS show 063

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