Kitsap Quilters’ Guild Show (3) – Round Robin Quilts

At our recent Kitsap Quilters’ Guild show, there were four round robin quilts made by a small group of quilters, The Sew What’s. The quilters, Nancy Mathisrud, Deana Cherry, Marj Deupree, and Cheri Searles, all began with the same central motif, then passed it on to one of the others for the next border. This continued so that all four quilters contributed to each quilt. They were challenged to design different borders and piece patterns that they hadn’t previously made.

Top left – Nancy Mathisrud, top right  –  Marj Deupree, bottom left -Cheri Searles and quilted by Nancy, and bottom right – Deana Cherry. Nancy, Marj and Deana all quilted their own quilts. I love how these quilts have developed with the addition of each border and how differently they turned out with each quilter setting their color palette of choice. This is so much fun and very inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Kitsap Quilters’ Guild Show (3) – Round Robin Quilts

  1. I have been on the quilting adventure for many years, and hope for many more years. I learn with every quilt no matter how many I make or view on this magical trip. I love the entire creative process from design and fabric selection to the final quilting and finishing stitches, and everything in between. The quilting truly makes the quilt. I learned early to listen to the quilt throughout the process so I can tell the quilt”s story in thread, whether free-motion machine quilting, built-in decorative stitches, hand-embroidery, or some combination.

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