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When I taught for the Crazy Quilters in Federal Way, I was fortunate to have a delightful overnight stay with one of the guild members, Eileen Peacher, in Puyallup. It’s always inspiring being with quilters and seeing their lovely quilts. Eileen has a long-arm business. Here she is in her long-arm room which was carved out of the back of her garage.


Her home was decorated with her vibrant quilts. This large quilt with funky whimsical house blocks hung on a really tall wall in her dining room and was such a bright and cheerful accent.

20140411_084056 20140411_084020

The living room was decked with this rich Bargello quilt. I love how Eileen continued some of the Bargello piecing out to the sides adding fluidity to the design rather than just simply framing it with solid borders . Hanging in the upstairs hall was this rather more muted quilt with nice color and value transitions and the light and dark thin sliver stars giving contrast with the background fabrics.

20140411_084001 20140411_084042

Thank you Eileen for a very enjoyable stay and for allowing me to share your beautiful quilts.

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  1. Lovely presentation, Maggie. Thank you. Please feel welcome to stay anytime. Next time, I will have orange juice!

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