South African Quilt Festival 2013, #6

In the quilt show at Quilt Festival, there was a category for 3-D quilts. There were only a small number of entries, but all three that I found were incredibly creative and inspiring so I thought I’d share them with you. On my initial run through the quilt show during the lunch break, I missed the first place winner. The next time I went, a docent offered to open it up and show it to me. It stood on a table and was heart-shaped. When the docent opened it,  a colorful farmland scene with a windmill was revealed.

South Africa, Namibia 149

“In my hart woon ‘n plaas” was made by Trienie Krugel using a variety of techniques combining knitting (she cut up an old sweater), needle felting, machine piecing and applique of cottons and silk as well as embellishments in thread and “found objects”. Check out these detailed pictures of this amazing piece.

South Africa, Namibia 151 South Africa, Namibia 150

The second place winner was an original outfit, “Shine Radiant Woman” by Brenda Dickeos, which included a skirt and top accessorized with a hat and necklace. Her hat and necklace designs were inspired by African fashion.

South Africa, Namibia 152

The colors are wonderfully vibrant, the brights being nicely complemented by the traditional indigo Shwe Shwe fabrics. Embellishments of needle felting on painted batting, machine made cords, hand embroidery and hand and machine quilting all enhance the ensemble. You can see some of this on the detailed pictures.

South Africa, Namibia 154 South Africa, Namibia 153

The other entry I found was such fun – a whimsical bird that made me smile. “Koonap Koekie” was made by Macky Cilliers, who wrote, “As yet not documented in any bird book. This bird resides among the reeds on the banks of the Koonap River.” Mackie is a well known creative quilting teacher in South Africa and teaches some unusual techniques including corn plaster embroidery.

South Africa, Namibia 182 South Africa, Namibia 184

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