Studio tour

My apologies for the lack of a blog last week. The time is slipping away rapidly as I’m absorbed in getting our house ready to sell. Remodeling has been quite an education and I’ve had little time to spend in my quilting studio being creative and running my business. I love my studio and decided to give you a pictorial tour. I’m really going to miss it when house sells and I have to move. This has been my creative haven for over 13 years.

UK, house, KQG show 215 UK, house, KQG show 214

I’m fortunate to have a magnificent sewing table custom made for my sewing machine with a big surface perfect for sewing large quilts and plenty of storage space underneath. There’s also a large cutting table. When I swivel my chair round from my machine, I’m at my desk and computer.

UK, house, KQG show 212 UK, house, KQG show 216

The open fronted IKEA shelves are great for storing fabric and the double mirrored closet also houses fabric, thread and assorted supplies. The bookcase is full of inspiring quilting books and I’m constantly using my 72″ x 72″ work wall. I’m hoping that wherever I move, I’ll have the space for another set up such as this.


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