Quilt Storage

I’ve just moved house to my own 1,250 square feet townhouse and I love it. The move required serious sorting and downsizing of my many possessions. I have a lovely room for my studio, but no spare bed on which to store all my quilts. The solution has been rolling the quilts on styrofoam swim noodles and storing them in a closet. This also made them easy to transport from my old house. Here they are ready for the move with one left over noodle that I used for quilts that were hanging on the wall.


I like this system of organization as I can group the quilts into families such as Bargello block quilts, template-free Kaleidoscope quilts, Gateway to Mongolia and so on. They are easy for me to access and pack for my teaching trips. I now have them stored like this in a large closet in my studio and am about to pull several out as I prepare for a week of teaching at the AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah, KY.


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