Sandy’s Sewing Center, Yakima, WA

Last week I posted about The Quilter’s Cafe in Yakima. This week I’ll give you a tour of Sandy’s Sewing Center, the second store I visited on my way to teach at the Walla Walla Valley Quilt Guild. Sandy’s Sewing Center is located at 404 W Chestnut in Yakima not very far from The Quilter’s Cafe, so it is easy to visit both stores if you are passing through Yakima. Sandy’s just celebrated their 4th birthday and are well established. The store has a spacious classroom and there were people busy at machines, sewing away.

20160408_145901 20160408_145852

They have frequent sew-in days as well as offering a variety of classes. They also have a long-arm sewing machine available for rental and a long-arm quilter who will quilt for customers.

20160408_145934 20160408_150042

They have a wide selection of quilting supplies and Sandy gave me a warm welcome. Check it out if you are in Yakima.

20160408_145948 20160408_145920

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