Theft from suitcase of traveling quilt teacher, Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark is an amazing artist and internationally known in the quilting world for her vibrant patchwork garments. These were stolen out of her suitcase.This is awful. Theft is a risk all traveling quilt teachers take every time they go out to share their passion and no matter how good the insurance coverage, these original pieces are irreplaceable. Please spread the word to increase the small chance that these will be recovered.


3 thoughts on “Theft from suitcase of traveling quilt teacher, Rachel Clark

  1. Have these been found?

    Used to see Rachel clark on Alex Anderson’s Simply Quilt TV show.

    I will forward this if they have not been found

    • Hi Joyce,
      As far as I know, these have not been recovered. Rachel wrote a blog about mourning their loss and moving on to new projects. I think we would have heard if they had reappeared. Yes, do forward to increase people’s awareness for this problem. Thanks. Maggie

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