AQS Quilt Show Des Moines (5)

These Double Wedding Ring quilts were exhibited in the judged AQS show at Des Moines. I was drawn to the unusual use of color in these two quilts and to how the changing background colors and the placement of different values refresh this traditional pattern.

Double Wedding Ring 2016, 88″ x 88″, made by Susan Haslett-Schoflield of Canton, MI. From a distance what strikes me is the color transition across the quilt and how the white ovals between the arcs of the Double Wedding Ring stand out. The arcs themselves, recede into the background, but the dark arc intersections are much more distinctive. Closer up, the subtle shades in the arcs are visible.

From This Day Forward, 102″ x 102″, was made by Carol Duffy and Sara Velder of Plymouth, MA. Their design source was Wedding Star by Judy and Bradley Niemeyer. The use of gradual value changes in the arcs against the medallion-style arrangement of background colors is stunning. I love the addition of purple points in the large background pieces in the center of each block, giving a diagonal effect radiating out from the center of the quilt. The wide purple border is a great backdrop for the beautiful center field.

One of the aspects that I love about quilting, is how even the simplest of quilting patterns may be presented in so many different ways just by changing the colors and the value placement.

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