The Covered Wagon, Torrington, WY

In April, I taught in Torrington, WY at the Goshen County Quilters. Torrington is a small farming community close to the NE border. The population is less than 6,000, but they have a vibrant quilting group. Their local quilt store closed a couple of years ago and became a doll shop. Recently a quilter purchased the store, The Covered Wagon, and is bringing back the quilting supplies.  She is gradually expanding the quilting inventory as well as continuing to sell the remaining dolls and a whole variety of craft items from yarn to dressmaking and embroidery.

There is a long-arm quilting machine and a selection of fabric (more arriving soon). I loved these barn quilt blocks and the tractor.

The specialty Wyoming fabrics include this digitally printed panel based on the Grand Tetons Mountains.

The next nearest quilt shop is some distance away, so this store is much appreciated by the locals.

4 thoughts on “The Covered Wagon, Torrington, WY

    • Please contact the shop directly. This is simply a post about me visiting the shop. I hope you can resolve the problem easily.

  1. A friend recently visited your area took a picture of a quilt. It had maple leaves large to small down the quilt, town shops below and a fence around the quilt. Absolutely beautiful. Can you tell me if you have the pattern? Thank you so much!

    • So sorry, I can’t help you. I’m a traveling quilt teacher and simply wrote a blog about visiting this store. I’m not the store owner. Please try to contact them. I hope you find the pattern.

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